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Protecting Your Relationships with Business Owners, Affluent Clients

Having access to niche services, even if used infrequently, can help advisors keep competitors away from key clients Using services like initial public offerings and secondary offerings, mergers and acquisitions counsel, and making markets for clients’ less liquid assets may be rare for most financial advisors. But when high net worth and business owner clients want and need such services, having that access can be critical to asset retention and growth for the advisor’s practice. “Any time an advisor has a client with a unique need, even if infrequently, the advisor wants the ability to help solve that problem for…

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More for Your Money

In September 2011, advisor David Winston left his office for the road trip of his career. Winston had just closed the deal to acquire the financial practice of an advisor in Dallas, and the two had 30 days to visit Winston’s 60 largest new clients before the seller officially retired. That initial round of face-to-face visits, followed by second visits within the first six months, helped Winston retain more than 90 percent of the acquired book of business, and since has brought him dozens of referrals from those clients. Although the transition happened quickly, the seller smoothed the way for…

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On-Demand Content Gives Advisors Coaching When They Need It

Time and money can often be barriers to advisors getting the training and coaching they need to grow their business. Individualized programs that can be scheduled around the advisor’s business may come with a high price tag, while group webcasts and conference calls may not fit into an advisor’s busy day. Top industry coaching and training programs have recognized the Catch-22 and broadened their delivery approaches to give advisors the guidance they need, when they need it, at an affordable price while retaining the accountability advisors need. “Coaching is adapting to the lifestyle of advisors,” said Kirk Hulett, executive vice…

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Partnership Works for Father/Son Team

Bob and Dan Binn of Private Portfolios, Inc. are not only father and son; they are business partners, too. After 12 years, they have become one working example of how family can function in business together, but they will be the first to say it wasn’t always easy and it isn’t meant for everyone. “People always ask me how they can get their kids onboard with them,” Bob said. “I always tell them the same thing, ‘You don’t get your son into the business. It just has to happen on its own.’” Bob is celebrating 45 years in the financial…

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Securities America Culture

At Securities America, we take pride in our values as a company. Our shared values inform and guide our activities and decisions to create a corporate culture of mutual respect, achievement, innovation, integrity and fun.

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Janice Thompson’s Success Story: A Life of Quality, Not Quantity

The key to business success can be found through work-life balance. A naturally gifted organizer, Janice Thompson found her passion in 1992 after receiving her own financial plan from an advisor. Having a direction for her financial future inspired her so much, she asked the advisor if she could work for him for free to learn the process herself – even though she already had a full-time marketing job. Within a few years, the advisor did hire her, and she acquired her industry experience and licenses. Seven years later she had saved enough money to open her own fee-based practice….

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Securities America independent financial planner

What “Independence” Means for Investing Clients

An independent financial representative may offer more options and ideas for clients. Just what is independence for a financial professional? Well, some think of it like working for a company versus running your own business. Affiliated or controlled financial representatives may be restricted in presenting investment options to you because they typically have to choose only from investments and products approved by their company, essentially the offerings their boss says they can use. Financial representatives who are NOT independent are many times restricted to proprietary products, which can present a conflict of interest and which may not present the best…

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A New Mindset for Income Distribution

A distribution plan focuses less on accumulating wealth and more on making it last through retirement. In terms of your finances, your preretirement earning years focus on accumulation and growth of your money. You earn money from your job or business to pay for your current living expenses. You set some aside for emergencies and for future needs like college and retirement. Your goal is to accumulate as much as possible by earning it and investing it. After retirement, you typically no longer have money earned from your job or business to pay for your living expenses. You need safety…

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Sep 26, 2016

LA VISTA, Neb. – Sept. 23, 2016 – Securities America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc. (NYSE MKT: LTS, LTS PrA), announced today it has completed the acquisition of certain assets of independent broker-dealer Wall Street Financial Group (WSFG) of Fairport, N.Y. ...

Aug 26, 2016

LA VISTA, Neb. – Aug. 22, 2016 – Securities America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc. (NYSE MKT: LTS; LTS PrA), is pleased to welcome Midtown Financial Advisors in Greensboro, N.C. The idea for Midtown Financial Advisors, which officially opened its doors Jun...

Aug 19, 2016

Deal will add 210 advisors with $5.14 billion in client assets and $38 million in revenue LA VISTA, NEB., Aug. 19, 2016 – Securities America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services, Inc. (NYSE MKT: LTS, LTS PrA), announced today a definitive agreement to acquire certain a...