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Personalized Transitions

State-of-the-art transition processes personalized to meet your needs

Transitioning your practice to a new broker-dealer can be challenging and it takes time. If any broker-dealer tells you otherwise, beware. By understanding that it’s a big job to move your practice and all of your clients, Securities America is committed to taking the steps necessary to ensure your transition is as seamless and easy as possible.

You will have a personal transition consultant to work with you, coaching you on the best practices of transition. You will be able to take advantage of our state-of-the-art paperless onboarding system to streamline your move. Every effort is taken, working with every financial professional to ensure the best experience possible.

Unrivaled paperless onboarding for new financial professionals

Joining Securities America is a simpler, faster onboarding process thanks to a completely paperless online system that replaces ink signatures and fingerprints with electronic versions. Securities America’s system pulls information from the company’s internal databases as well as FINRA’s CRD application to prepopulate forms for you to review online and correct or confirm. A built-in tracking feature provides the status of each document, avoiding redundancies or overlap between you and Securities America staff.

With dynamic questioning, the answers to certain questions trigger which additional questions you must complete. The system also performs automatic completion checks to ensure you haven't missed or skipped a response. The automated onboarding system is just the latest addition to a more comprehensive paperless office solution promoted by Securities America over the past several years.

Ready for an Extraordinary Partnership?

If you are an existing financial professional interested in joining our firm, please complete the form. All information is confidential.

If you are an existing financial professional interested in joining our firm, please complete the form below. All information is confidential.