Total Bank Solutions Deposit Program Rate Chart


Core Account Investment Vehicle Interest Chart

The following rate chart is provided for your reference.

The interest rates for the Total Bank Solutions Insured Deposit Program for accounts held at Pershing LLC are set forth below; interest accrues daily and is paid monthly. Amounts reflecting interest paid will be presented on your brokerage account statements. The rates are subject to change at any time, without notice to you, and will vary. For a current list of complete rates, please contact your Investment Representative.

Rates as of 11/11/2022

Total Bank Solutions Insured Deposit Program
Household Deposit Account Balances

Daily Rate

Annual Percentage Yield

$1,000,000 or greater *



$500,000 up to $1,000,000



$100,000 up to $500,000



$50,000 up to $100,000



Less than $50,000



* Individual Deposit Account balances over $2,500,000 exceed the maximum FDIC Deposit Insurance the Total Bank Solutions Insured Deposit Program (“Program”) is designed to provide and would NOT be eligible for FDIC insurance coverage. The amount of FDIC Insurance available to you may be reduced if the number of banks in the Program is reduced or if you have opted out of one or more banks. Please refer to your Terms and Conditions disclosure document for more information.

  • The rate of interest paid for the Program is tiered based on the value of your Household Deposit Account Balances. (“Linked Balance”). For this purpose, a household is defined as all accounts with the same social security number held by Pershing for Securities America, Inc.. The average of your Linked Balance as of the interest posting date each month plus your Linked Balance for the prior month determines your eligibility for a particular Interest Rate Tier for the next interest period. The interest rate may fluctuate daily based on market conditions. Rates are subject to change as stated in the Program Disclosure Document.
  • Annual Percentage Yield is the compounded yearly investment rate of return. Interest is accrued daily and credited monthly.
  • Please refer to the information in your Terms and Conditions disclosure document or contact your Investment Representative for details about SIPC protection or FDIC insurance, which are subject to applicable coverage per account. You may also visit the FDIC’s website for information at At the time of deposit with Securities America, Inc. Inc. and until such funds are deposited with a Program Bank they are protected by the SIPC; upon deposit at a Program Bank, your funds are eligible for FDIC insurance. SIPC does not protect against investment losses that may be incurred with respect to securities or other investments held in your Brokerage Account.