Ticket Charges

The following ticket charges apply to specified investments for specific brokerage transactions:

Mutual Funds $301,2,3 $251,2,3
Mutual Fund PIPs and SWPs No charge No charge
Mutual Fund Exchanges $20 round trip $10 round trip
Alternative Investments and Special Products $604 N/A
Unit Investment Trusts $40 $40
Variable Annuities and Variable Life N/A N/A
Listed Equities5 $35 + $.02/share $25 + $.02/share
OTC Equities $35 $25
Options6 $35 + $1.50/contract $25 + $1.50/contract
Corporate Listed Bonds $30 + $1 per bond $30 + $1 per bond
Corporate OTC Bonds $30 $30
Municipal, Government, CMO, Zero, Mortgage Backed $30 $30
Foreign Bonds $80 $80
Foreign Equities $110 $110
CDs, Banker Acceptances and Commercial Paper $30 $30
Precious Metals $45 $45

Premier Funds have reduced ticket charges applied to purchase transactions in brokerage accounts. See details below.
Fidelity Retail Fund trades a) are only authorized if adding to positions existing before 1/1/2000, b) have a $20 ticket charge, and c) generate no commission.
Ticket charges apply to No Ticket Charge (NTC)  or FundVest mutual fund transactions in managed accounts. There is a $50 short term redemption fee charged by Pershing, LLC on FundVest funds if held less than six months. No trail commissions are paid on NTC funds on the National Financial Platform – the trail is retained by National Financial. Trails are paid on FundVest funds on the Pershing Platform.
Brokerage transactions in Alternative Investments/Special Products include Limited Partnerships, REITs and Private Equity and Debt Securities. (Applies to initial and subsequent purchases, sells and redemptions). Pershing categorizes these items as Special Products and charges are applied directly to the client’s account rather than as a ticket charge. As indicated in the Client Fee Schedule, a $50 charge applies in retirement accounts and a $100 charge applies in non-retirement accounts.
Listed Equities include MLPs, REITs and Closed-end Mutual Funds listed on an exchange.
6 There is a $30 charge for option assignments.


Premier Funds Discount Pricing Schedule
Ask your Branch Office Consultant for a list of the current Tier #1 and Tier #2 participants.

Ticket Size: $5,000 – $9,999
Tier #1 = $10 discount || Tier #2 = $5 discount

Ticket Size: $10,000 and over
Tier #1 = $20 discount || Tier #2 = $10 discount